Diplôme 10 Millions
( 10 Millions Award)

- The Award is available to licensed amateurs and SWL's
- Applicants must submit proof of contacts with amateurs in towns with different French Zip codes.
The number of zip codes is limited to 25 by French department.
- The zip codes of French oversea departments are also valid (FG-FM-FR-FY).
- The total addition of the different zip codes must be at least 10.000.000 for the basic Award.
Trophy for at least 50.000.000.
- Each zip code must only be used once.
- The SWL QSL's zip codes are also valids.
- Bonus: Each confirmed DFCF (French Castles Award) operation gives a 10% bonus of the reference.
- For instance:
F6XXX/P DFCF 45-050, home Zip code number 45000.
Total: Zip code 45000 points + 10% DFCF 45-050 = 49505 Points
F6YYY 75000 Paris = 75000 points.
F6FNA 77270 Villeparisis = 77270 points.

- No band, mode or date limitations.( Foreign applicants only).
- A GCR list must be submitted.
- The Award fee is 10 Euros, or 10 IRC's or 10 Us$
- The
50 Millions Trophy 35 Euros
- The address of the Award Manager is:

Jean-Pierre Lehembre, F6FNA
19 rue de la Fontaine
F-89340 Villeneuve la Guyard

Email: 10 Millions manager
10 and 50 Millions attributions

Note: In order to manage this award a program has been written (French language only) using Microsoft Excel.
To receive it via: - e mail (600Ko in Zip format): send a request to 10 millions Manager

You can also download